Must Have: Little Black Dress for Curves from StalkBuyLove


black dress party look

Have you ever walked into a store and either walked out dejected or with some random accessories instead of clothes? 'Cuz you know they've got NO sizes beyond S or M whatsoever. Have any of you ever looked at a pair of denims and found yourself thinking that your one leg would probably squeeze through that entire thing meant for two legs? Ever?

I don't know how to say this without sounding like I'm exaggerating but coming across the site StalkBuyLove was by far my happiest online discovery EVER. This site is the shizz, the real deal; IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT SIZE YOU ARE. Just imagine shopping for shorts, skirts, dresses and tops without having to worry about size availability...Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

Every time I need me some real retail therapy I simply log on and browse and browse and then browse some more looking for everything on my style wishlist. My most favourite purchase however has been this black dress. IT"S GOT SLEEVES and a sexy back and is just the right length. Seriously, why wouldn't I be overjoyed! I may not have a sexy back worth flaunting but the cuts at the back are just perfect and then there are the bows (I'm kinda partial to those). So yeah!

Paired with a statement neckpiece and a few midi rings, this dress is my go-to option when I just can't decide what to wear for a party or a special occasion. Speaking of the other accessories I don't miss an opportunity to use or flaunt are this shimmer clutch and these strappy heels. Gifted to me by a dear friend, this golden box clutch is like a prized possession. Shopping at Westside is another one of my feel good options. In the recent past their collection has left me (and I'm sure several others out there) really delighted! It was during one such random retail therapy sessions that I found these black and gold strappy heels. Priced somewhere around Rs. 1300 or 1500, I did not even need a second thought before deciding to pick them up. They look so chic!!

I'm so glad to have found the wardrobe staple that's perfectly in sync with my style sensibility. Hope you enjoyed going through this post. - Love, M!

black dress black heels party look

black back cut-out dress

statement neckpiece pink nails shimmer party clutch

black and gold strappy high heels

Location Courtesy : April Rain, Aundh, Pune

Dress: StalkBuyLove; (Get it here: Back cut-out dress)
 Heels: Westside Stores; 
Neckpiece: Juvalia & You; 
On My Lips: MAC Relentlessly Red

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  1. But the biggest problem for me is the material... I'm damn scared to be stuck with a piece I love to look at but which starts smelling stale after an hour...
    The only reason I can resist StalkBuyLove is that fear :P

    1. I know what you mean. Speaking of material, I really dislike how hosiery clothes tend to look after wearing them a couple of times. I try to opt for georgette or similar ones when it comes to tops.
      Also, I give in to my shopping impulses quite easily. Alas, resisting is not one of my strengths. ;) xx

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