Outside the comfort zone with a High-slit Maxi Skirt


I've been obsessed with maxi skirts and dresses for over a year now...I've even got the same dress in two different colours! It's pretty much the same deal when it comes to maxi skirts as well. I've got a blue as well as an orange skirt (that I plan to blog about soon.) However, I'd been looking for a casual black maxi skirt since forever; one that I could wear for brunches or when heading out to just chill with friends...

After months of looking online I'd more or less given up when recently I found this skirt at Westside Stores. I was actually looking for PJ's when I found this skirt obviously left by somebody in the wrong section. Although I got super lucky it's really impolite to just leaves clothes randomly around the store once you're done trying. On asking a salesperson for help I even found a smaller size in the skirt. I was quite apprehensive about the high slit but having tried it on I was super happy with the fit and the way it looked so I just decided to buy it. Plus it was for almost half the original price!

I tried pairing the skirt with several tops and tees but nothing seemed to please me. This yellow cami is a backless one I randomly picked up from Zara, mainly for the colour. Tucked into the skirt I was quite happy with the way the cami looked. I then added this polka dot shirt to complete the look. The shirt was given to me by a friend and it only fits me as an open shirt. I quite like the material so I mostly pair it with bright coloured ganjis and button it up just below the bust.

Speaking of accessories, I opted for an owl ring and this funky long chain. As you'll see over time in the upcoming posts, I've got tons of such rings and long chains. I went through a crazy owl phase and have everything from ear rings to chains. I've also got a parrot chain and one with a dove. It's just another one of my million obsessions! The sling is a gift from my aunt who got it from Dubai cuz she knows how much I love animal print.My footwear is from this amazing site called StreetStyleStore. It's got a hint of animal print and it barely cost me around Rs. 500.

This look is really different from how I normally dress but it's still very me. Plus it's within my comfort zone barring the high slit of the skirt. However, I know for a fact that I'm confident enough to wear this for a brunch or maybe coffee at a nice-ish place. At least to begin with...Here's to experimenting with style at any size. Also, apologies for the super long posts. I really have too much to say. Grr.

- Love, M!

Skirt: Westside Stores; 
Cami: Zara; 
Shirt and Sling: Gifted; 
Footwear: StreetStyleStore; 
Long Chain: Blur Accessories; 
Ear rings: DropDead Gorgeous; 
Ring: Thrift store in France; 
Glares: Simla

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