Of Prints and Maxi dresses


Last weekend a few of my friends and I decided to head to Alto Vino, Marriott for the Sunday brunch. Rummaging through my wardrobe I discovered this dress that I bought from Fling on Bhandarkar road sometime last year. Unable to find the right kinda jacket or cover up, I'd given up the idea of wearing the dress. (Why I bought it is a question I've stopped asking myself)...

I make it a point to check out the collection at Westside Stores at least once a month. There's always something super affordable that I love and end up indulging in retail therapy. This gold shrug was one such purchase. When paired, I was quite happy with the way the dress and shrug looked. Long, flowy tube dresses are my favourite! But, there's NO WAY I'd walk out wearing one without something to cover my arms. (I'm not exaggerating). This knit fabric, light gold shrug makes for the perfect option. Neither does it feel like too much layering nor does it take away from the dress.

This dress is one of those that fits all sizes from an S to an XL. So me and my bestie can conveniently exchange it and style it in our own ways. Speaking of my look, I opted for studded flats that I picked up from Fetish, a Mumbai based brand while at a flea market in Pune. As for the accessories, both the ring and the clutch are gifts that I simply love and which go with absolutely anything. The lipstick is in the shade Daring Berry by Oriflame. I LOVE the colour and it's got that lip balm like moisturizing effect. The hair is my usual curls and that's how my hair looks after a wash. Overall the look was perfect for the brunch and I really enjoyed walking around feeling all the more girly given the length and fall of the dress. (I'm also quite short so the dress was longer than it may seem!)

I did not intend this to be a blog post but we got some casual pictures before rushing off and I quite liked them...So yeah!
Hope you guys are having a perfect Sunday! - Love, M!

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