Flamingo Watching with The Western Routes


I recently spent a day travelling to Bhigwan for flamingo watching with The Western Routes. Anyone who knows me knows my inexplicable love for penguins and flamingoes and so when I found out about the trip there was no chance I'd miss it.

After an easy, online money transfer of Rs. 1400 per person a week before the trip, we left Pune by bus at around 6.15 am on a Sunday morning. Given the early start, we were served really yummy breakfast en route which was followed by a quick stop at a food mall for chai. It's nice to have caught the sunrise for a change...We got to Bhigwan at around 10 am and set out in traditional boats to see the flamingoes. (Do make it a point to carry enough water and a hat or scarf for the boat ride!) We were given Frooti by the trip guys...Such happiness! Not only does it get extremely sunny but the one side travel itself takes about an hour. (Ideally it would be great if you could get there by 8 am or so.) Also, make it a point to carry your own binoculars!

At the far, far end of the boat ride there they were, those graceful pink birds...Although we had to be at quite a distance in order to avoid disturbing the birds, it was the most breath-taking sight. Such calm, gorgeous, poised pink beauties!

This little guy here treated us to a surprise minute-long performance while everyone was busy gazing at the flamingoes! (Hey buddy, you're such a rockstar...)

We then headed back to the bus quite delighted and also famished. An extremely scrumptious lunch was enjoyed by the entire group in Baramati...The second half of our day involved a drive through the Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary (no luck with spotting the Chinkara/ Indian Gazelle) and moving on to go see the Bhuleshwar Temple. Situated on a hill, this temple was built in the 13th century and offers a spectacular view.

I was really lucky to travel along with my photographer and get such amazing shots of the birds. Given the amazing time we had and having spent such a different, memorable Sunday I totally think the trip was worth every penny. A big thank you to The Western Routes team...I'm looking forward to travelling with them again. Do take a look at their FB page for regular updates on the various activities.
Until then much love and don't forget to be a flamingo in a room full of pigeons. (I've kinda been waiting for a chance to say that. Haha!)

👄 M!

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