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peach printed top black blazer semi formal outfit

I work full-time with an online lifestyle media portal in Pune…Lucky for me my job comes with the advantage of being able to wear anything I fancy. This advantage though comes with its own set of pros and cons. Sometimes I feel like choosing between a variety of kurtas would be easier and also really hassle-free. Why? Cuz I’m a confused soul. Giving me too many options to choose from is a big no no.

Coming to this look...On most days I prefer stepping out in jeggings and a top. We’re mostly travelling around the city or shooting at particular locations and this is the most convenient option. When I’ve got coffee or dinner plans post work, I usually play around with my footwear and basic makeup. This time though I had a meeting post work...I was aiming for something between a formal and a fun look…The formal bit obviously meant working around my oh-so-well-fitted blazer. Considering I rarely ever get a chance to wear the blazer anymore, I wasn’t willing to work without that. The next question was how to add some fun and quirk. I just did not want to pair it with a bright plain cami. This flamingo print top was something I impulsively picked up simply for the love of flamingoes. Apart from the colour and the print, everything about the top was something I personally am not a big fan of. It was sleeveless, had a really low and loose neckline and it’s a high low top with the low part being really long (hits the back of my knees!).

I tucked the top into the jeggings from behind and was really happy with how it then looked paired with the blazer. I’m wearing a black tube on the inside to avoid any neckline peek-a-boos. No, that’s not too many layers of clothing and I wasn’t melting (the fabric of the top is quite thin). I’ve realised that wearing a cami or a tube on the inside works better for me. It gives a more defined look especially when the fabric of the outer clothing is too thin.

I completed my look with a Lavie handbag (L.O.V.E the colour), strappy gold sandals, a statement ring, a gold and pearls bracelet, a layered chain and my new sunnies from Colaba. I always steered clear of round frames given the fact that I’ve got a round face. But having tried these on I fell in love and did not think twice about buying ‘em. #ScrewTheRules #WhateverWorks

Do tell me in the comments section below what you think of this look.

- Love, M!

pink top flamingo print black blazer round sunglasses lavie bag

semi formal outfit black peach printed top pink bag blue fiat car

flamingo printed top rings jewellery pink lavie bag

jewellery ring pearls bracelet pink lipstick

lavie bag pink bag strappy sandals gold footwear

~ Look details ~

Blazer: NewYorker (Fishbone), France
Top: Reliance, Pune
Jeggings: Westside, Pune
Bag: Lavie
Ring, Neckpiece, Bracelet and Sunglasses: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
On my lips: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade Unapologetic (Get the lipstick here)

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  1. Loved the post❤, Meenu!

  2. HI! Being a fellow plus size goddess.. i was just wondering where you got the amaaaaazing blazer?!! I would love love love to get this for myself!

  3. Hey! :) I picked it up while travelling. It's from NewYorkers, France. You can check out StalkBuyLove or Asos for a variety of blazers. :)