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It must be pretty evident by now just how much I love jewellery and accessories in general. There's no way I can step out of the house without some kinda (at least) basic pieces on me, be it a neckpiece or stack of midi rings. So this particular post means a lot to me!

An online shopping portal for high-street fashion jewellery, Trinket Square is a venture by Pune-based sister duo, Disha and Siya Khanse. When I first browsed through the website, what caught my attention was the uniqueness of the pieces. Also, there was something very reassuring about the quality of the jewellery; the pieces looked extremely nice. Receiving my first order was a perfectly pleasant experience accompanied with a little surprise. Trinket Square adds special hand-written notes to every order! (Ideal when it comes to gifting, right?)

I was recently sent over some gorgeous pieces by the lovely sisters. From rings and bracelets to layered chains and bangles, I was spoilt for choice. Although as a jewellery junkie I've hoarded boxes full of stuff over the years, these pieces were a one-of-its-kind addition to my collection. Each piece was packed individually in bubble wrap and put into separate small bags. Brownie points for the pretty and safe packaging!

I discovered my love for jewellery when I was in junior college. I felt it not only created the right kind of distraction but also upped the style quotient of an otherwise simple outfit. Long chains with simple tops became my go-to to add length to my torso in a way. Over the years I also discovered immense liking for rings that took the focus away from my stubby fingers. I love how I'm so much more willing to experiment today than I was a couple of years ago. I can now totally rock a pair of statement ear-rings and am not stuck to the idea of tiny studs. Stacking up my wrist with a watch and bracelets or bangles in different metals has also become one of my other obsessions. In fact, if you look into my bag, you'll always find extra jewellery in there! :p

If you love jewellery as much as I do, bookmark right away. 'Cuz if you've got the inclination, they've got the styles. Sourced from abroad, these pieces of impeccable quality are sure to add that classy element to any outfit.

You can also check out their FB page:
Instagram handle: trinketsquare

What are your go-to accessories? Let's chat in the comments section below.
Love - M!

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  1. OMG! I'd like to have them all! Jewellery is something I cannot refuse from, really. One of the greatest passions in my life is jewellery. I've always admired unusual pieces! I've recently ordered a stunning bangle with diamonds from website. It's unbelievably beautiful!

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  3. Beautiful collection I must say. My favourite amongst all is phoenix ring :)