Denim on Denim - My Kinda Perfect Blues


Denim, they say, has always been an everyday symbol of style. Couldn't agree more, could we? I may not be a jeans and tee kinda girl, but I sure love my denim...(Read my other denim outfit story here) Every time I've considered doing a denim on denim post, this look has been the one that I've found myself most happy about sharing.

I absolutely love denim skirts. There's something super casual yet sexy about them. This may come as no surprise that my stay in Europe a while ago revolved around shopping. I was forced to courier 3 boxes full of stuff weighing nearly 25 kg. :p It was during one of my shopping sprees in the city of Agen in France that I found this denim skirt in a store (of which I do not recollect the name). The skirt was quite long and loose but still, as usual, I went ahead and picked it up. 'Cuz you know, what if I never found another one that actually fit...After getting back home, I got the skirt altered to a size and length of my preference by a local tailor and voila!

Speaking of the jacket...believe it or not, my mom picked it up for me from Just Casuals, Aundh in Pune! Yes, you read that right. It was love at first sight for the both of us. A denim jacket with sequins on the collar and cuffs. That's not a purchase, it's an investment! I wanted to pair the skirt and jacket with something more neutral but not exactly simple. This white top is from Splash, Phoenix Marketcity in Pune. I love the fabric and the comfortable fit. It's a two-layered top with a satin like cami on the inside and a more sheer fabric on the outside. Splash and Max Fashion, in my opinion, are two stores with a pretty impressive collection. I've never had issues finding clothes my size and the affordable pricing is an absolute treat. All one needs to do is browse through the collection carefully and patiently.

As for the accessories to complete my look, my first instinct was to opt for a pink sling and heels. However, wanting to add a sort of edge to the look, I picked these animal print heels and a similar sling, both of which are gifts. For a change my accessories were minimal and how! Just a simple layered chain (with a super cute heel pendant) and a couple of rings. If I was to wear flats with this outfit, I'd opt for these studded ones from Catwalk. I absolutely LOVE them and spent 4 months looking for them on each and every online shopping site. *pats self on the back for perseverance* Teehee...

What are your fav denim pieces? Tell me in the comments section below.
Love - M!

P.S. Can we take a minute to appreciate this super cool pair of earphones. Taking my lip print obsession a step further and how! They're from a store called 3F Design, located on FC road, Pune.

Top - Splash 
Jacket - Just Casuals, Pune
Skirt - France
Flats - Catwalk

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  1. Oh, I so agree with you when you say "it's an investment" for your denim jacket. I picked up one a few years ago...and it just NEVER goes out of fashion. Perfect for a casual dinner date with the man, a coffee date with friends or even to work on one of those grey days! #ILoveDenim