On the Pink, Tie-Dye Side of Life


Having stocked up on way too many similar maxi dresses, I'd been on the lookout for a more fun, flowy option for a while; something that had a slight boho appeal yet was very me. During a trip to Mumbai with my aunt, we went to Manish Market on her insistence. I was clueless what to expect in terms of the variety but am I glad I accompanied her...

Most of the outfits we saw were the extremely heavy ones. Although quite trendy in terms of the style, the work was pretty traditional. I wanted an outfit that was more funky and also perfect for a daytime occasion like a mehendi function maybe. When one of the store owner's showed us this pink dress, my first reaction was apprehension. I really liked the outfit but wasn't sure if it would fit. I most often have an issue with the fitting of outfits on the bust. It's a real task! (Luckily, fortunately, magically it fit just perfectly...)

This pink, tie-dye dress is what I'd call effortlessly chic. Plus it's so, so comfortable! I love how the white balances out the pink-ness and adds more grace to the otherwise fun outfit. The dress came along with a satin, white long slip to be worn inside as the white part of the dress is somewhat sheer.

The outfit really did not call for too many accessories and so I stuck to a pair of silver jhumkas and kadas that a friend picked up while in Udaipur. I'm a huge fan of silver jewellery and it's amazing how my friends keep that in mind. I could have opted for silver or white colored flats but ain't no such thing as too much pink! I bought this pair of heels from Bete in Clover Centre, Camp in Pune. I loved the colour, the embellishment and the fact that the heels weren't too high for my liking. As for my lips I opted for Mehr by MAC that I'm insanely obsessed with.
P.S. I let my hair be it's usual curly and unruly self. Goes with the easy vibe of the outfit. :)

Tell me how you feel about this post in the comments section below. Lots of love - M!

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