These are a Few of My Favourite #AllThingsChocolate


Disclaimer: All the products photographed below are made of chocolate and are entirely edible!

Before I begin this post, I suggest you get yourself some hot chocolate and cozy up in your favourite corner as I share with you a chocolate story like no other... 

Working on my blog, spending time with my dear ones and simply pursuing my hobbies are a few things that make life extremely worthwhile for me. However, life isn't perfect and there are some days when I feel extremely bogged down and blah. On days like these it's chocolate that comes to the rescue... It may sound extremely clich├ęd but it is in fact a not-so-bitter truth. ( Couldn't resist that! :p )

It was discovering the Pune-based store, Chocolate Story, that took my love for chocolate to an entirely new level. It's not just another store, it's a place where chocolatey stories unfold...I was absolutely amazed to see just how passionately and creatively Nikita Malhotra, whom I dearly refer to as the Chocolate Queen, gave my all-time favourite sweet-treat an entirely new identity.

As the store celebrates 8 glorious years on 20th July, we thought of giving you guys a sneak peek into my world; one where everything is made entirely of chocolates. Move over Hansel and Gretel!

Anyone who knows me, knows what a shoe hoarder I am. Well, thanks to Nikita, now I can have my heels and eat them too! 
Although I no longer get the time to do it very often, I love spending time painting and sketching. I find it extremely therapeutic. Here's a look at me literally indulging in my hobby. The crayons and paint palette (topped with gems!) were truly relished...
Chocolate is love; love is chocolate. And if he truly knows me well, forget the solitaire, he should just put a chocolate ring on it!

I wasn't too fond of fruits, until I discovered that they could be made from chocolate. Chocolate pineapple anyone?

If you've read my previous blog posts or follow me on social media, you'll know I'm an absolute sucker for this print! In my parallel chocolate world though, it isn't just a print but in fact an edible treat.

I'm the kinds to save the best as the last (even when it comes to food). There's nothing that means more to me or nothing I'm more passionate about than my blog. Nikita left me absolutely amazed when she gave me a chocolate version of She's A 16, complete with pink colour and edible gold dust. Hands down, my most favourite creation. 

From fashion accessories and fruits to love and leisure activities, this was my wonderful chocolate story brought to edible life by Nikita. Cheers to all things chocolate! (Oh yes, those are entirely edible chocolate wine glasses!)

You can follow Chocolate Story on Facebook here.
You can also check out the Zomato details here.

Tell me in the comments section below how you like my alternate world? What would your chocolate story consist of? 

Photography credits - Vivek Salunke

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  1. All things harry Potter!!! Though I think i'l refrigerate n revere them for a few days before I actually eat em! :D the way the chocolates look... Loving your look even more! ;) <3