Mahodari - Blending Indian Tradition with Modern Elements


Mahodari - A Pune-based brand that aims at bringing together the various craft traditions of India...It was an absolute pleasure to be considered as a #OneOfaKind woman by the brand and then to receive a custom-made outfit that the team specially designed and created for me.

The story of how Mahodari functions is quite amazing in itself...With every creation the team tries to share a story, an experience of the textile and its journey. They travel to different places in the country and work with artisans all over. Everything is entirely handmade and the use of technology comes into picture only where it is a necessity! Jayanti and Maitri Ravishankar, an extremely creative mother-daughter duo, are the founding members of the brand. They create unique pieces (retaining exclusivity) for the bold, eclectic woman who doesn't abide by the rules and norms of society. 

Speaking of the outfit designed for me, the maxi, made of Andhra cotton,  has a straight silhouette adding length to my overall look. The fabric has a red and black blend that appears deep red from afar and up-close has a gorgeous texture. It's amazing how smartly the colours (including the black that's more like a grey) were chosen so as to not overpower me. Furthermore, it's very fascinating how colour-blocking has been used to narrow the waistline and strengthen my shoulders. My most favourite part about the ensemble though is the colourful hand-embroidery that adds quirkiness to an otherwise sophisticated outfit! In keeping with the quirky-sophisticated look, I opted for this chunky neckpiece from Aldo, a matching clutch from Avirate and black stilettos. On my lips I'm wearing the shade Haute Latte from Colorbar...

I love how the outfit strikes a perfect balance between ethnic and modern elements making it a perfect pick for both kinds of occasions! (Which is also why I waited until now to talk about the outfit given that the festive season is just getting into full swing and there are different parties and functions to attend).
I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did shooting it. Lots of love - M!

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