Marvelled by Mahabaleshwar


 I spent the most glorious weekend in Mahabaleshwar earlier this year (August, 2016). A road trip with friends, we decided to head there for a relaxed weekend as a much-needed break from work was long overdue. About a three-hour drive from Pune city, we were extremely lucky in terms of the weather that particular weekend. It was windy as well as foggy throughout the day and quite chilly at night. Perfect winter feels for someone like me who detests summer and absolutely loves everything about the colder season.

Here's a look at some of the picturesque sights en-route and the mesmerizing scenic spots (including a centuries-old Christ Church), the delectable food we relished as well as the fascinating flora we discovered.

I hope you enjoyed going through this post. :)
Which are the places on your weekend getaway list? Tell me in the comments section below. Lots of love - M!

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