Quirky & Customized Steal Deals from Chirkutt.in


I am a complete sucker for online shopping; be it jewellery, stationery, trinkets for my desk and of course clothes, I would buy stuff online each and every day if I could and if it wasn't for those "I'm so broke" days. September for me is a month full of birthdays and I'm often left with a very restricted budget for shopping. On the lookout for interesting gifts that were reasonably priced I stumbled upon Chirkutt and was I thrilled! The site had a myriad of options to choose from and in keeping with the name, offered stuff for peanuts.

For a couple of my close guy friends I ordered a t-shirt and phone cover each. Be it the corporate slave or sarcastic hoon, the quotes and patterns were damn funky! [ Did I mention the t-shirts are unisex! :D ] I also got them sets of the most hilarious shot glasses. Moving on to buying stuff for my girls, I instantly checked out the jewellery section and was beyond delighted with the collection of earrings! From ethnic ones perfect for the festive season to funky dream-catcher beauties, I couldn't stop adding stuff to the cart.

Now comes the coolest part of it all...almost every product available on Chirkutt can be customized! This meant that I was able to buy multiple charm bracelets and pick different charms as per preference! These charms could then be attached to anything like chokers and keychains as well! All this awesomeness at jaw-dropping prices (in the true sense of the term!)
Shopping for others at Chirkutt prices meant I could shop for myself as well. I ordered a beautiful dream catcher for my room, a couple of mason jars (mainly because they were so inexpensive) and a notebook (simply because I'm an addicted hoarder.) My most favourite purchase though was the Gossip Girl inspired mouse pad that I got customized for my desk and cannot stop obsessing over!
When it comes to online shopping, for most people the major concern is quality. In case of my experience with Chirkutt, I can safely conclude the stuff was more than worth the money.

P.S. As I write this post, my second round of order from the site has arrived and I cannot wait to style and blog about all the jewellery I've ordered! Until then, lots of love and happy shopping!

In addition to checking out their website, you can also get in touch with team Chirkutt on +91 9766026662 or email them on help@chirkutt.in

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