The Curvy Bride


I love weddings...and I cannot help but wonder what I'd want to look like at my own wedding. From the outfit to the jewellery and makeup, I have a zillion ideas in my mind and way too many pins on my Pinterest board. Although I may be unsure of what I'll eventually choose in terms of my bridal look, one thing is for sure, I've got real curves and I'm going to be a curvaceous real bride.

Every time I've walked into a designer store, the trial sizes available have been quite disheartening. A recent visit to another Pune-based store with my best friend, who's a size 4 and a bride-to-be, really got me wondering what the curvy brides-to-be must truly be experiencing. (The said store had absolutely no outfit for me to try on...)

Today's post is one that I wanted to dedicate to all my plus-size beauties out there...It's not one in which I'm going to rant about the various outfit woes we experience. In fact, I'm putting up this particular post solely with the intention of sending across lots of love and positive vibes to you girls! For this look, I simply went ahead and borrowed my sister's wedding outfit and jewellery. She designed her own outfit and got it stitched from a local tailor. I absolutely love the colour! As for the jewellery, she got it hand-crafted from Jaipur. I didn't want to go over-the-top with my makeup and hair and thus both have been kept quite simple. (I liked the idea of just blow-drying my hair and leaving it open as opposed to a typical bun. To me that brings out the fun element.) As someone who loves going all out with lipsticks, I chose to plump my lips and opt for a colour that matched the outfit. My personal favourite element about this entire look was the contrasting green bindi and the chuda...

I may not know much about what my wedding will be like, but I'll definitely own it cuz it's going to be my big day. Instead of worrying about losing weight to be the ideal size, I'm going to be getting my dream dress designed and having the time of my life. This is something I know for a fact and something I want all you lovely girls out there to remember. Don't stress yourself out about petty issues like weight. What matters is that you feel fit...Focus on being happy and truly making each moment memorable. If you girls ever need someone to talk to, remember I'm always here for you. You can contact me via e-mail, Instagram and Facebook and I'll make sure to respond. <3

Lots and lots of love - M!

Makeup and hair courtesy - Rujuta Kulkarni
Location courtesy - Fort JadhavGADH

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