Dress for Your Beautiful Curvaceous Self and Not the society


I recently read somewhere that if you were asked to list 5 or even 10 things that you absolutely love, would you remember to put down your own name?

The thought has just stayed with me ever since and it got me thinking, why is self love not one of our top-most priorities. Why do we let others and what they have to say become much more important than our own needs and sometimes even beliefs...Why do we focus so much of our time and energy on loving other people and forget entirely about loving our selves...

Well, that's exactly what I'd like each one of us to work on changing this February, this month of love, onwards. 💖

I recently put out a message on my Facebook page asking Pune-based plus-size divas to get in touch with me for a special post that I was working on. The response was over-whelming and within less than a day I had 6 amazing girls willing to be a part of my post! (One of the girls was from Mumbai and wrote to me that she'd gladly travel the distance to be a part of something with #ShesASixteen and I cannot put into words how blessed I feel for an Internet family as amazing and loving as this!)

Speaking of the post, I'm dedicating this one to a very simple yet very integral and sensitive subject - the right to dress your curves as you please! Why are sleeveless outfits, shorts, mini skirts, dresses, horizontal stripes and even bold bright colours or big prints turned into a big deal when worn by curvy girls. Personally, I don't wear sleeveless outfits solely because I'm not comfortable and not because I care about others. Instead, give me a pair of shorts or even a bodycon dress and I'll wear it with all my sass. Things only turn into a big deal if they are made to and the same applies in case of clothes as well. If a girl (especially size 14 and up) is confident about dressing a certain way, why does the question of what will others say or think even arise! Her Body, Her Rules. It's really that simple...

So here are 7 of us curvy girls, each confidently rocking (if I may say so myself) outfits that are APPARENTLY not meant for bodies beyond a specific size. Shooting with these gorgeous and body-positive girls has further affirmed my belief that happy girls truly are the prettiest. We posed, we giggled, we talked, we connected. That tight-knit feeling of belonging was absolutely perfect and not for once did our respective outfits have anything to do with it all. We were all just a bunch of friends simply hanging out and bonding over our love for clothes amongst other common interests. And that is exactly how it should be... Accepting someone for who they are and not having anything to do with either their body type or what they wear.

For every curvy babe who loves to dress up and experiment with sartorial picks, put on that outfit you've always wanted to and forget about "log kya kahenge". Because, curves and an impeccable sense of confident style? HELL YEAH!

A big, big thank you to these 6 stunning girls, my ever so patient photographer and my best friend for helping me pull this off! It just would not have been possible without them...
Also, a big, big thank you to each one of you out there who has taken the time to read this. It's surreal on another level the love, support and motivation I get from you guys. Trust me when I say, I'll be eternally grateful for the same...I love each and every one of you so much.

Do tell me in the comments section below what you think of this post...

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  1. I was eagerly waiting for this post since I saw a little sneak-peek of it on Instagram. Thank you so much for such posts. You truly are an inspiration. Loads of love to you and all the other girls for exuding such confidence and positivity. Made my day!!

    1. Thank you so so much Rohini! Your kind words mean a lot. Lots of love to you! <3 :-)

  2. Lovely!!! Inspiring 👌 😘😘