Street Luxe with a dash of semi-formal fun


I absolutely love shopping. Be it street shopping or a day spent at the mall, I almost always end up shopping equal amounts in both cases. I've just never been somebody who gives too much importance to price tags and brands. For me, the rule is very simple; if I like something in terms of style and fit and if I think it's worth the price, I'll buy it. I have zero qualms in wearing the same outfit multiple times. However, I really really enjoy experimenting with the styling and giving the same outfit a different look and feel.

I made a trip to Delhi towards the end of 2016 just to chill and shop with a friend. Whether it's Colaba Cuaseway in Mumbai or Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, I've heard tons about how the shopping is insane but size is a major concern. Although I've never experienced size woes while shopping in Colaba, I wasn't too sure of what Sarojini Nagar had in store...Let's just say that I was beyond thrilled and even two entire days of shopping there weren't enough.

Sarojini Nagar is where I came across this dress in a random store. If you know anything about my style by now, you'll be able to guess that it was the tie-dye print that caught my attention. That I love this colour and maxi length everything just added to the strong desire to buy it right away. I've always been someone who's mindful in terms of spending my money and I really plan out my indulgent purchases. So shopping at Sarojini Nagar is a DELIGHT!! The dress cost me a mere Rs. 300...

I still remember getting back home and trying on the dress before anything else! It fit just perfectly and that feeling is indescribable. Apart from the collaborations I get the privilege to work on, I simply love doing blog posts that are dedicated to the beauty of experimental styling...and with this maxi dress I thought of achieving a semi-formal look with a major dose of fun element. I paired the dress with a jacket (more like a boyfriend blazer) with shoulder pads from New Look (France). Given my love for incorporating modern and ethnic elements, I opted for a choker, sunglasses and Kolhapuris and was good to go!

I love how the colour of the jacket balances out the print and colour of the dress and adds that slight formal angle to the look. Given the light and breathable fabrics of both, this kind of light layering also works perfectly well for the summers. I can't wait to wear this dress again and achieve something absolutely different with my look.

Hope you enjoyed going through this post as much as I enjoyed styling it.

Until the next, lots of love - M! ❤

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