Breakfast Date Look featuring AND by Anita Dongre at terttulia bistro


Having been a morning person all my life, breakfast, for me, holds a very important place. I absolutely love breakfast dates and the thought of starting my day with loved ones and great food for company. Given my office schedule, mornings are a great time for me to catch up with people or even spend some alone time at my favourite cafe getting laptop work done while sipping on coffee.

I recently spent a glorious morning at Terttulia Bistro in Baner, relishing some great breakfast. I was feeling particularly motivated that morning and put together a classic outfit with a dash of fun. Both the reasons put together called for a quick shoot. :D

There's something about capes that I find extremely powerful yet fun at the same time. Not only does a cape add the perfect 'making a statement' edge to an outfit, but there's also the feeling of 'sashaying down a ramp' as you walk around after donning one. In fact, capes make for an excellent layering option when you feel that a regular jacket just wouldn't do justice to an outfit.

This cape from AND was an instant purchase. Known for its sharp silhouettes and confident statements, I've rarely ever had trouble finding pieces I like and the same pieces in my size by this brand. To strike that perfect balance in terms of my look, I decided to pair the cape with a classic outfit - my trusted pair of denims from Levis and a simple white top from Annabelle (Central Pune). In terms of accessories, I opted for a pair of black heels from Westside and some simple pieces of jewellery. The cape really helped pull the entire look together and added that extra something to an otherwise simple look. Everyday runway feels, anybody?

As for the delicious food, we gorged on eggs and pancakes (two of our favourite breakfast picks). I don't just love the coffee served at Terttulia, but am absolutely in love with their crockery! Look at that coffee cup! Pictures below...

I'm ending this post with a quote that just sums it all up...Why are breakfast dates not a more popular thing? Like forget your fancy 9 pm dinners (Well, sometimes). Let's go eat pancakes at 9 am in our PJs (Sigh.)!

Hope you enjoyed reading through this post. Until the next one, lots of love - M!

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