A Royal Affair with Blue in this Purva Pardeshi Creation


We are already halfway through 2017 and I know it for a fact that the rest of the year is just going to fly by given all the festivities that are lined up. Speaking of festivities and celebration, some of my closest friends are getting married this year and the engagement ceremonies and rokas are in full swing. It was for one such occasion that I wanted to get a customized outfit made. And of course, I was looking for something different in terms of style as well as colour. The past few months have been all about sartorial experiments for me, including those with colour palettes and styling, to which my social media posts are a testament. (Are you following me on Instagram and Facebook yet?) :D

I first had the pleasure to meet Purva Pardeshi during Pune Fashion Week, 2016 and what caught my fancy instantly about her brand, RED, were the unique silhouettes, attention to detailing and dramatic use of colours. Having followed Purva's social media quite closely ever since, I knew that something about our style sensibilities just worked and couldn't wait to get an outfit designed by her. One meeting with the designer herself was all it took for me to be convinced about the beauty of customized creations...

From understanding my personal sense of style to what I wanted the outfit to look like, Purva heard me out patiently before going on to explain to me how fabrics, cuts and colours really work for different body types. A georgette, umbrella cut gown in a single colour was what she suggested would work the best with my body type. An umbrella cut outfit has no seamline and does not cling to the body. In fact, the fall of the dress created an illusion of height, making me look taller and also took away the focus from my problem areas. A few minutes into the conversation, as she studied my personality and appearance, a pro tip that Purva shared with me was opting for monochrome outfits in poppy colours. In case of this outfit we opted for a royal blue for that touch of not-so-cliched elegance. (What a perfect way to break away from the usual pinks and reds when it comes to contemporary outfits) Given our mutual love for detailing, the designer added hints of silver to the dress. And as for a dramatic edge, my absolute favourite part, she added enough flare for me to twirl around in blissful happiness.

I paired the outfit with simple silver accessories including long strand earrings, a couple of rings and bracelets. Speaking of makeup for the look, I opted for blue on my eyes and a dark purple-ish shade on my lips. I'm absolutely in love with the simplicity of this dress, which I believe is what really adds to the overall elegance of the look. It's the perfect hassle-free creation that would allow me to truly enjoy the occasion while being at ease and still look dressed to the T!

I really hope you enjoyed going through this post. I cannot wait to get more outfits customized and share the same with you'll here. Until the next post, lots of love - M

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