Putting that best foot forward with Hepburnette


 As a content writer I began my professional career writing lifestyle articles for a website and one of the very first stories I penned down was about my love for shoes and them Cinderella feels...
A lot may have changed over the years but my love for cute & quirky yet comfortable footwear hasn't!

The right pair of footwear can entirely change your look and effortlessly take things from Plain Jane to Sassy Fashionista. Are you one of those girls who first checks out the shoes a guy is wearing? Or have the urge to stop random girls wearing cute footwear and ask them where they bought the pair from? I'm definitely one of those! Speaking of the shoe fetish, I'm  more of a flats person and wear heels sparingly. (I even step out wearing maxi dresses with flats!) Thus, I'm always looking for new & funky pairs and Hepburnette has become my go-to site.

A look at my social media and a sneak peek into my wardrobe will convey the message loud & clear that I'm an absolute accessories girl! I simply cannot do without them. Accessories truly are the exclamation point of an outfit. No wonder Hepburnette features at the top of my bookmarked web-list. As a brand for fashion accessories, Hepburnette prides in providing divas with the epilogues and prologues of their fashion story. Fashion, to them, is an experience. An experience they wish to make memorable with their unique collection...

From embroidered juttis for weddings to block-printed bellies and funky espadrilles, the website offers a varied range. In this post, I'm sharing with you girls my current 3 favourite pairs from their extensive collection.

Pair 1: CHEERS
If black rules your fashion life, doesn't the idea of an embroidered pair of black bellies just delight you and how! Made of silk, these are a great option to pair with ethnic outfits and say "cheers" to being stylish from head to toe.

Shop this pair here - Cheers Stylish Embroidered Bellies

This pair is a classic example of style meets innovation. A block-printed pair of tan flats, this has got to be one of the most funky pairs I've ever laid my eyes on! Paired with white pants and a simple top, this one's a definite statement-maker and conversation-starter.

Shop this pair here - Criss Cross - Stylish Block Print Footwear

Handmade cotton bellies, I absolutely adore this pair! The colour, the print, everything about it is simply beautiful, and the versatility of pairing it with denims and kurtas alike is an added bonus.

Shop this pair here - Rudyard Kipling - Handmade Cotton Bellies

P.S. In case you're wondering, the brand's name is inspired by the most heralded style icons of the 20th century, Audrey Hepburn. ❤

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