The Beauty of Layering Outfits featuring Ka-Sha by Karishma Shahani Khan


I have a full-time job at a market research company and there are days when information, statistics and market estimations leave me appalled (to say the least). These reports mainly have to do with the adverse effect of human activities on the environment...

Have you ever wondered about the process of cloth-making or how the textile industry functions. If you spend time reading up about this online, you're sure to come across articles that talk about the horrors of fast fashion. Every year, tons of un-recyclable textile makes its way to landfills while on the other hand, thousands of litres of water are being used to produce a crop top or a single pair of denims. And this is just the tip of the iceberg...

Fortunately though, not everything is going downhill. Sustainable fashion has been gaining momentum with the fashion industry taking responsibility. One such socially-conscious label is, Pune-based, Ka-Sha by Karishma Shahani Khan. In simple words, Ka-Sha, in my opinion, is the representation of love for India. It's the colourful story of an art told directly from the heart from an Indian storyteller. Ka-Sha functions on a stringent no-waste policy and upcycling is a characteristic that defines the brand. Talk about the amalgamation of art and sustainability. 😊

Besides the vibrant colour palette, my absolute favourite element about Ka-Sha is the layering. You girls know my love for the same and it makes me ecstatic to see pieces that are just so versatile. Every so often I feel like we see outfits either in a magazine or on the ramp and question their wearability in daily life. So, for this post, I decided to put together 3 looks featuring 3 amazing creations by the designer. I've focused on creating looks that are extremely easy yet chic & comfortable...

I hope you enjoyed going through this post and a little something about going green with fashion. We all need to keep in mind that cheap fashion clearly comes at a heavy price - our environment. It's not just the designers but also the consumers who must become aware of the consequences of their choices.

I also hope you enjoy browsing through the lookbook below and find the styling easy to recreate in your own way. The statement-making Ka-Sha pieces truly add a vibrant edge to the simplest of outfits...

Look 1: I paired a petal clamp dye navy dress, known as the Mona Dress, (worn open as a jacket) with a pair of denims and a simple white top. I accessorized the look with yellow Kolhapuris and oxidized jewellery.

Look 2: I paired a blue reversible jacket, known as the Cassy Jacket, with a black maxi dress and Bandhini flats. (Look at those layers!! 😍) 

Look 3: I teamed this loose yellow jacket, the Kuma Jacket, with a grey dress and tan gladiator flats along with a tan fringed sling.

Until the next post, lots of love - M!

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