For the Love of Customized Heels by Shradha Hedau Footwear Couture Pvt. Ltd.


Starting from Cinderella and her glass slipper, flash forward to Carrie Bradshaw and her Manolo Blahniks and it would be safe to conclude that shoe love is a very old affair...It's the kind of love that would rarely disappoint you; one that would never make you feel bloated; would always come to your rescue when you don't want to step out looking like Plain Jane. As someone who indulges in this affair and how, today I'm sharing with you'll a unique customized soleful story.

My shoe closet is absolutely overstuffed with pretty flats. However, when it comes to heels, I'm exceptionally fussy and picky. Wedges and block heels have been my go-to for years now as I simply cannot deal with heels of any other kind. My feet experience a slow, painful death until I can barely feel them anymore. Having almost given up on the idea of comfortably walking in most pairs I laid my eyes on, I'd either give in to buying them for pure indulgence and never wearing them or sadly just let them go. Trust me when I say, these words are no exaggeration. One fine day, things changed and only for the better. I met Shradha Hedau.

An alumni of London College of Fashion, with a formal degree in Shoe Making and Designing, the designer launched Shradha Hedau Footwear Couture in early 2013. What sets the label apart is the customization offered. From a bride-to-be to someone with an insatiable fetish for shoes or even a professional dancer, bespoke footwear is simply an appointment away. Every pair designed by Shradha involves a thoughtful process in terms of the style as well as the name. Yes, a meaningful Sanskrit name is given to each pair...Speaking of my personal experience with the designer, to say it was delightful would be an understatement. In a nutshell, I explained to Shradha all my woes with high heels and the desire for a pair that was synonymous with sexy. Having patiently heard me out, she had my measurements taken and we scheduled the next appointment for a trial.

Lo and behold, I went back to her studio and laid my eyes on this gorgeous pair of black beauties designed especially for me...Called taviSI, I was told the pair symbolizes strength; it has the strength to hold the power, both physical and mental, of the woman wearing it. Coming to the details, I was presented with a pair of 2.75 inch heel footwear that is considered ideal for wearing through an entire day. The designer gave my pair a boots + stilettos appearance to add to the versatility keeping my profession in mind. Bronze gimping has been incorporated to enhance my skin colour as hints of skin peep through. My foot is broad from the front and narrow at the back; keeping this in mind, Shradha ensured that this pair has a narrowing effect in terms of appearance. Comfort being the key, although a zip has been provided at the back for convenience, the buckle detailing not only adds an edge to the appearance but can also be adjusted.

So is the pair comfortable? Are my feet in a better place? Well, let's just say the pair has become a go-to and if you follow me on Instagram (, you're going to see it making several appearances!

If you're a self-confessed shoeholic, here are the details to shoe heaven:
Contact Number: 8411993355 / 9730574111

Until the next post, lots of love - M!

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