Tulle + Lace for Curves!


For the longest time now I've truly believed that outfits have nothing to do with size. What truly matters, besides confidence of course, is how you style a piece. Having said that, let me also tell you guys that I'm the kind of person who discovers love for a certain style or piece of clothing and obsesses over it until it is found in a size 16. :D

This is exactly what happened since the time I fell in love with the idea of tulle...I wanted a tulle skirt and how! Not only did I spend time browsing various sites but also contemplated getting one stitched. I even found a blush pink pick at H&M. However, something about these options wasn't convincing enough. When it comes to such things, I'm not someone who gives up. You'll never hear me say "but I won't find that in my size". And sure enough, find it I did! I was recently at Westend Mall in Pune with a couple of my girlfriends and we decided to check out some stores. MAX is one store I always make a point to visit and it has very rarely disappointed me. The size 16 by Max is most often a perfect fit as is the case with this skirt. I take the time to browse through certain sections and absolutely fell in love with this skirt when I came across it. Priced somewhere around Rs. 1000, I knew it would fit just right. When it comes to skirts with elastic waistbands, what plays a major role is where you prefer the band to sit. I tend to wear my skirts higher and that makes things a lot easier in terms of size.

"We believe in dressing up in gorgeously impractical things, like tulle, sequins, sparkles and lace..." Something about this quote has always made me very happy. If you've been following me for a while now, you must be well aware of my love for all of the above. There's a certain kind of grace and femininity I've always associated with lace and tulle, while sequins and sparkles strike the perfect chord with the fun aspect of my personality. Adding the touch of elegance, I teamed the skirt with this lace top from JEALOUS 21. I think I would have said enough about this pick when I tell you girls that I bought the same top in 2 different colours from Central, Pune. I love the lace detailing on this one and the peek-a-boo neck pattern. 

I'm not someone who uses accessories to complete a look. I prefer to let them be defining trends themselves. I opted for these customized heels from Shradha Hedau Footwear Couture and a sling with lace detailing from Max, Bangalore to add an edge to the entire look. This time around I went minimal with the jewellery and only flaunted this pair of earrings from Trinket Square that were the perfect contrast to the outfit. 

This would be my go-to look for brunches, parties or even a day out with friends (I'd opt for flats instead). I cannot begin to tell you girls how delighted I am to find this skirt and am really looking forward to style experiments with it.

Until the next post, lots of love - M

Location courtesy: Poona Republic

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  1. I totally love the way you carry yourself 😍 You inspire me so much 💕