Ayurvedic Skin Pampering & Insta Glow this Festive Season with VLCC


It feels like my daily routine and schedule keep getting crazier by the day. Diwali is just around the corner and I've had no time to get anything in place; neither my outfit nor that salon appointment. Although I absolutely love being busy and wouldn't give things up whether it comes to the blog or office, there are days when I miss the luxury of having some time off to pamper myself and my skin.

Speaking of skin, I've always mentioned that mine is extremely dry. Acne may not be part of my woes but one concern I've addressed in the past as well is how tired my skin looks and feels sometimes. Given my time constraints, even though I am particular about the skincare basics, going that extra mile for a glow seems tedious.

Discovering the VLCC Ayurveda Facial Kit was pure bliss. For someone with skin as sensitive as mine, trying new products always seems daunting. However, VLCC is a brand I trust and completely vouch for. I've been using their products like the clear tan face pack for a couple of years now. In fact, if you follow me on social media you must be aware that I was in Goa recently. I came back with quite a tan and the VLCC pack has been a saviour in getting rid of the uneven tan on my face.

Available in multiple options, I opted for the Double Power Double Neem kit. A 5-step process, the kit is meant for skin purifying and an instant glow. Just what I was looking for! The first step is Face Wash, which deeply cleanses the skin. Step 2 involves using a Scrub to remove all the dead cells. Next comes the Gel which helps remove the acne-causing bacteria from the skin and moisturizes it at the same time. Step 4 is Cream that not only protects the skin from the harsh external factors but also soothes it and adds radiance. The last step in the process is Pack to reduce the signs of ageing (if any) and provide further protection.

Having tried it personally for my skin, I would give the kit a thumbs up for multiple reasons. Super convenient to use, it is priced at a mere Rs. 200. I also like the idea of having multiple options to choose from depending on one's skin type and requirements. And of course, the instant part of the Insta Glow! Whether it's a special occasion or the desire for that perfect festive glow, I've found a trusted go-to for my skin that's also ideal for my 'super lazy and always caught up with something' self.

Until the next post, lots of love - M

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