Perfect App for the Foodie Souls - EATIGO


A look at my bank statement is more like going through a food diary. If I'm feeling broke by the end of the month, a lot of it has to do with the money I spent on eating out (besides shopping of course)! So I was absolutely delighted to be introduced to Eatigo. A leading restaurant reservation platform across Asia, this app connects hungry souls and empty tables. From swanky restaurants to a chilled-out cafe alike, the app lets you avail discounts up to 50% off and enjoy scrumptious meals while saving up big bucks.

You guys know that every little thing I share on the blog is from personal experience. Have I tried the app? YES. How does it function? Here you go.
During a crazy shoot earlier this month, Ankit (my photographer) and I were discussing food and ended up really craving for desserts. We were in Koregaon Park and Darios was our first choice since we both love the food there. We decided to give Eatigo a go and share snippets of the experience with you guys. It's a very user-friendly app with different categories to choose from. Different discounts are available for different time slots and as luck would have it, we got a 50% off on our time slot. 

Once seated at the restaurant, we informed the management about our Eatigo discount...Ankit opted for a Tiramisu while I got a Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart. Priced at Rs. 270 and Rs. 170, respectively, the total of our order was Rs. 440. As you can see in the picture (attached below), we were given a 50% discount and the amount reflected was Rs. 220, to which then the taxes were added. The final amount we paid was Rs. 271.00

What an absolute delight to have gorged on decadence and paid a discounted price for the same, that too at one of the nicest places in the city. Availing a discount when eating out is great for foodie souls. But, availing a flat 50% off is sheer awesomeness!  If food is your bae as well, I suggest you guys download this app (completely free of cost) and indulge away at the click of a button.

Until the next post, lots of love - M

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