Where to get Customized Sneakers and 5 Distinct Styling Ideas to Pair them!


Let's start this blog post reiterating my love for versatile pieces, be it apparels or accessories. And speaking of versatility, an absolute must-have for every fashionista is multiple pairs of sneakers! Combining style with comfort, the nostalgic sneakers made a dramatic comeback a few years ago and have been occupying a privileged place on the trend-o-meter ever since. (Aren't we glad!)

For all you ardent sneaker heads like me out there, does the idea of a customization spin to your classic pair sound exciting? Presenting to you - Almari, the urban closet. If you believe that shoes complete an outfit, customized ones from Almari go a step ahead and enhance your look even further. I have always believed that one's personal sense of style should be a hallmark of who they are as a person. Imagine my delight when I discovered a brand that creates shoes which speak louder than words.

Edgy, boho, quirky, chic...whatever your style, Almari can create a pair of sneakers that cater to the style exigencies of any diva. The sky is the limit when it comes to how creative you can get with your pair! What starts with choosing between black or white sneakers, progresses to modern-day Cinderella or Carrie Bradshaw feels with a myriad of customization options to pick from. I got myself a "Pataka" pair that adds the dose of sass to the most basic outfit, while the pop of pink makes for a cheery element on the dullest of days.

From office to brunches and even wedding functions, the beauty of sneakers lies in the ability to pair them with literally any outfit from one's closet. You can browse through the pictures below to see how I teamed up various creations from Almari with different pieces from my closet. Experimenting was never this fun before! You can get in touch with the designer on 9820616699 or e-mail her at almaritheurbancloset@gmail.com to get yourself a unique pair exclusively made for your personality!

Remember, fashionistas believe in making shoe contact before eye contact.

Until the next post, lots of love - M!

Location courtesy: The Irish House, Koregaon Park, Nitesh Hub

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